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07 July, 2009

Make them stop! My sides hurt.

Tyler Durden, of Zero Hedge, writes in today's column about a complaint letter sent by "GOLD ANTI-TRUST ACTION COMMITTEE INC," to the SEC and CFTC about Goldfinger. It seems that a former Goldfinger employee obtained proprietary software, and was charged an Assistant United States Attorney - Joseph Facciponti - has Goldfinger tacitly admitting to manipulating markets (and apparently whining because someone else might).

I'm Awed, but not shocked.

The funny part? See the few previous posts on this blog. CFTC is now Chaired by Gary Gensler, formerly(?) of Goldfinger. SEC has Mary Schapiro at the helm (gotta throw a seafaring term in, y'know). Although I haven't found any direct Goldfinger connection for Mary, she was the first female SEC Chairman (Acting) when Rubin (of Goldfinger) was Clinton's Treasury Secretary.

I know nothing about GATA beyond a look at their website, but if they are who and what they say they are, they should know better than to go to the wolves' den about missing chickens.

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