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17 July, 2009

The End Is Near

No, not the end of the world (although I do, at times, resemble the cartoon guy with the sandwich board).

The end I'm talking about is that point where the illusion of a "free country" need no longer be maintained. I've spent at least a decade telling people that Goldfinger owns the government (mostly getting laughed at for it), and now Goldfinger doesn't even try to hide it anymore (Note that the monicker, "Goldfinger", is NOT limited to GS, but applies equally to purported "competitors", and those with whom relationships exist in/with other organizations, e.g., the Council on Foreign Relations).

Revelations, by other than "the tin-foil hat crowd", can mean only one of two things: either they're confident that Americans, in general, are too dumb, too lazy, or too cowardly to take whatever steps are necessary (which plays into the "or"); or, they're confident that since they own the government, and its military, no effective resistance can be mounted or maintained. Several items lead me to this conclusion:

First was a former Assistant Secretary of Treasury, asked by Max Keiser who the SecTreas works for, declaring "He works for Goldman-Sachs." For this to be stated so boldly (in the closing moments) by what can only be described as an insider is profound. (For only the question and answer, see my previous post "Seven Seconds of Truth".)

Next is Glenn Beck's description of Goldman-Sachs' ubiquitous presence and participation since the flash-paper mortgages went south. Although Beck doesn't (or isn't allowed to) get into GS' presence when the seeds of "the mortgage meltdown" (copyright unknown, but probable) were planted by GS' "Clinton Administration", or its fingerprints ALL OVER the intervening decade) the fact that Faux News is broadcasting Beck laying out how Goldfinger owns the government (albeit limited to Goldfinger's GS division), is scary, not so much for the "is" of it as for the public discussion of it in Goldfinger-controlled media.

The last two almost go hand-in hand. discusses misrepresentation of Roubini's "it'll last 24 months" statement as "it'll be over this year", (Roubini counters that the "recession" is in its 19th month, and things won't begin to get better until '10, and then only slightly), while details how some people (who may or may not have taken action upon the out-of-context Roubini quote, are actually just increasing their tribute payments to Goldfinger. A chuckle can be found in the article, where a victim threatens to get (Goldfinger-owned) regulators involved, and the response.

Unspoken in all of this, but hanging in the air, is a classic "mobster" question:

What Are YOU Gonna Do About It?

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