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03 July, 2009

And so it goes...followup

Although I'm not a "follower", preferring to blaze my own trails, I'm now following Zero Hedge. This is due completely to Tyler Durden's coverage of a marvelous Mike Taibbi article on Goldfinger in the July 9-23 Rolling Stone: Being time-limited to tongue-in-cheek references myself, I really appreciate the work of one who can dig as deep as Taibbi has.

I'm nearly as encouraged by the followup comments, but for one. One commenter asks: "What the hell has Obama got to do with this article on Goldman Sachs plundering the US once more?"

My previous posts should answer that. Goldfinger ran Treasury when the fuse was lit. Goldfinger ran Treasury at the point of critical mass. And Obama has joined the plunder, with Goldfinger still running Treasury's printing presses, and now controlling specie through the CFTC.

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