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30 July, 2009

I'm Thinkin' I Found It.

Last week, I made an issue of it when Goldfinger's Ben Bernanke testified in a Congressional Hearing that he didn't know where 553,000,000,000 in loans to foreign central banks went. (See "Who Got 553,000,000,000.00", below). What he did know, however, was that those loans weren't costing Americans anything:

This week, Neil Barofsky, the Special Inspector General for TARP, told Congressman Dennis Kucinich the Fed is paying banks NOT to make loans:

Keep in mind that at the beginning of last week, the Wall Street Journal headlined the story: "White House Taps Hormats for State Post", about a Goldfinger operative appointed as the State Department's undersecretary for economic, energy and agricultural affairs., published July 20.

The WSJ noted that "Mr. Hormats also will play a central role in managing Washington's "strategic and economic dialogue" with Beijing, a diplomatic exchange overseen by Mrs. Clinton and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner." It should be remembered that Geithner's Chief of Staff recently moved to that post after serving as GS' lobbyist, and that China is the U.S.government's largest creditor.

Let's see...Goldfinger Fed gets banks to "park" over 877,000,000,000.00 instead of making credit available to "main street"...Goldfinger Fed "loans" 553,000,000,000.00 "to foreign central banks" it won't name...Goldfinger operative becomes a China...

I'm thinkin' I found five hundred fifty-three TRILLION bucks. I wonder if there's a reward?

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