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06 July, 2009

Government IS Anarchy

As I read from a widget on my website ("On Gold and Market Manipulation"), I see this interchange between George Dance and Brad Spangler about Dance's article "Government or Anarchy", first published last year (and as Dance points out, that means A YEAR). The gist of what I get is that Spangler doesn't like Dance's "authorities". Oh, the irony!
What's interesting (to me, anyway) is that I read Spangler's blog - once - and find he's nowhere near my understanding of "little-L" libertarian (pun intended). Then again, I quit describing myself as such years ago, when a battle ensued over "which Libertarian Party" would control Arizona's...(it's REALLY HARD not to use this "L-word"). It was the "control" issue that got to me. Turns out "Libertarians" (as in "Party"..."LIARtarians?") are now not much different from the (D)emons and/or (R)eprobates. Neither Socialist/fascist nor Fascist/Socialist goals are made more palatable by the fact that "a kinder, gentler" Party is supporting them. The infiltration was a success, as clearly illustrated by Bob Barr's "Big 'L'" candidacy.
But the infiltation of libertarianism was inevitable, given the infiltration of (what used to be) our government.
We won't find our way out of this until and unless we learn to accept the fact that there is no current choice between government and anarchy. Government, a majority-, if not wholly-owned subsidiary of Goldfinger, IS anarchy. At least by any definition I've ever heard.

They have TOTAL disregard for the Constitution, which, despite being "over 200 years old..." (sniff*, whimper, snivel) is THE ONLY SOURCE OF AUTHORITY THEY CAN CLAIM.
They have TOTAL disregard for their own "laws", and they have such TOTAL disregard for any of "us" (those that aren't "them"), that they don't even bother to pretend anymore. If any of "them" get caught up in the consequences of their actions they'll just order a pardon, or a "bailout" (Libby taking the fall for Cheney; Goldfinger's Paulson "bailing out" Goldfinger, etc.).

The anarchists aren't among us. The anarchists have taken over.

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