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20 August, 2013

You've Got To Give Them This: They're Trying

Oh, how they're trying.  The problem is that *they* simply can't stay in front of all the revelations, scandals, and exposés.  And John Kerry (you remember him:  the Vietnam vet turned war protestor who married into the Heinz fortune) has actually admitted (though not in this country...inbreeding makes *them* a little slow sometimes): “[T]his little thing called the Internet...makes it much harder to govern...much harder to organize people...”.   (Heads up, Johnny!  Saying it in Brazil no longer means we don't hear it!)

It's come to the point where even those who usually look askance when I walk into the room  are now commenting on how ironically transparent things have become. (Somehow, I don't think this was what he meant when he promised "the most transparent administration in history".) Al quaida (queda? qaida?  qaeda? Jeez, people, figure out a spelling and stick with it!) plans to attack "our" embassies?  Really?

And this "new danger" has nothing to do with the ongoing alphabet soup scandals?  Nothing to do with NSA/IRS/NSA (again)/DEA/NSA (again)/CIA/DOJ//NSA (will it ever stop?)/IRS (again)/NSA, ad infinitum?  This is nothing like "bad news"/threat level orange?  Completely different from "seal your house with duct tape and (suffocate, but) you'll be "safe"?

So, let's look at "recent events":  The government contends that there is a "Fourth-Amendment-Free Zone" that stretches 100 miles inland from the borders.  And coastlines.  A map of where YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to be free from an unwarranted search looks like this:

That's not so bad, though, is it?  After all most of the "geography" is outside that "Fourth-Amendment-Free Zone"; in "the heartland" (where "real" Americans live!).

But *they* consider airports to be "borders", too.  Live within 100 miles of an airport?

But, like the NSA/IRS/NSA (again)/DEA/NSA (again)/CIA/DOJ//NSA (will it ever stop?)/IRS (again)/NSA invasions of privacy, you "got nuttin' to worry 'bout if y'ain't doin' nuttin' wrong", right?

Because you know ALL of the tens-of-thousands of federal laws and regulations, right?  You know that a famous guitar manufacturer was raided, and fined, for using rosewood of "unauthorized" origin, and you're OK with that, right?

You're OK with "your" government claiming FIVE TIMES the number of criminal mortgage fraud prosecutions it actually filed, right?

You're OK with JPMorgan, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley running the Treasury Department, the State Department, the S.E.C., the C.T.F.C., and the entire financial system of the country, right

You're OK with them running - owning - Congress?

Do you not wonder why every "good person" elected to office becomes "one of them"?

Look what happened to Eliot Spitzer.  HE was going to take the bankers to task.  HE was going to make them comply with law, and regulation, and what most of us would consider simple decency. 

And you KNOW what happened to him.  And you wouldn't want that - or anything like that - to happen to you.  But HE's fighting back.  HE's running for New York City Comptroller.  READ THIS

We've come a long way.  In the wrong direction.

Most don't know, and they don't want to know.  To know would impart responsibility to do something about what they know.  And no one wants that.

After all, we won't be around that much longer, in the scheme of things.  And who cares that our grandchildren will never know a world where they didn't have to "submit" to every uniformed cretin who wanted to cop a feel?

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