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25 February, 2010

Rejoice! Rejoice! Employment News To Improve!

Well, not really. But the bad news may decrease. As explained in an article by David Martin, published on, "The Obama administration...proposes to eliminate the office in the Bureau of Labor Statistics that collects and publishes the comparative data on employment, unemployment, manufacturing productivity and labor costs, among other things."

Goldfinger doesn't want news like this to overshadow the Company line: "The economy is showing improvement." So...

No longer will we see Table B of the report, that showed the U.S. decline in manufacturing employment of 3.4 percent in 2008 (the highest of 17 countries listed). No longer will we be subjected to knowledge, like the fact that "the" United States lost manufacturing jobs at a rate of 3 percent a year from 2000 to 2008, which Martin describes as "a huge acceleration over earlier years."

23 February, 2010

Scouts, the new Hitler Youth! on HubPages

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Scouts, the new Hitler Youth! on HubPages
“I picked up a New York Times newspaper yesterday. Normally, I don’t read the New York Times during the week figuring if any news was important enough it would be on the computer or my local news. But,...”

Well, the banksters funded their predecessors...


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Who'da Thunk? Wall Street Journal Opines "Only the Mentally Ill Resist Confiscatory Taxation"

 What a suprise!  Goldfinger's (direct) media arm espouses the idea that one must be mentally ill to disagree with paying Goldfinger interest on bailouts paid to Goldfinger.

Ceck this out at, has shared: CHART OF TH E DAY: Banks Continue To Pull The Rug Out From Under The Economy

As If We Needed Another Example...
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18 February, 2010

Rape, Pillage, and...Burning's Out! Rape and Pillage Some more

Taibbi: "Goldman Raped The Taxpayer, And Raped Their Clients"

"Payback is _____ "(fill in the blank)

"...a bitch"? "...karma"? How about "...inevitable"?

Karl Denninger comments on his blog ( about this morning's event in Texas, copying what he later describes as the pilot's "homicide note", and with a link to the pilot's website, "whois" data, etc. I'm not going to identify the pilot because - more dangerous than those who will villify him as a criminal maniac are those who will lionize him as a martyr; more dangerous, and incredibly stupid. Paraphrasing my Drill Instructor (from a long, LONG time ago), "Nobody ever dying for (their cause). They won by making the other poor bastard die for his...".

That said, Denninger's observations about lying media whores (he apparently holds the same opinion as Jesse Ventura, and anyone else with a brain cell left), his own warnings about thieving (Goldfinger) politicians doing nothing but helping thieving (Goldfinger) bankers, and his "shout" to "STOP THE LOOTING AND START PROSECUTING!" are wotrthy of support.

16 February, 2010

A article from Gene Kernan

The organic matter may just be hitting the rotating oscillator soon...

Collapse of the euro is 'inevitable,' says FRENCH banking chief

Strategists at Paris-based Société Générale said that any bailout of the stricken Greek economy would only provide 'sticking plasters' to cover the deep-seated flaws in the Eurozone.

Full Story:

17 February 2010 has shared: http://www urozone-May-Ban-Goldman-Sachs-and-Humiliate-Fed

More evidence that Freedom issues are not isolated...
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12 February, 2010

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Refuse to Pay Government Debt Incurred for Unlawful and Oppressive Purposes ... It Is the Personal Debt of Those Who Ordered It to Be Incurred

10 February, 2010

First they killed him (but then decided to bring him back, sort of) Now, they've turned him into what he was "born" to fight.

When I learned, a few years ago, that even Marvel Comics' imaginary world of superheroes had a United States that called masked superheroes terrorists, and "passed a law" that secret identities were illegal, I was irritated.  That Spiderman (off of...whom(?)...which(?)) Marvel had garnered many "dollars" in movie and merchandising rights) "actually" (remember, this is an imaginary world - hence "Spiderman") SUPPORTED such dangerous drivel (in that imaginary world where many too young to grasp the meaning of Rights, Freedom and Privacy).
I was damn well pissed when I found out that Marvel "killed off" Captain America (who, of course, in that imaginary world, rightly opposed the Anti-American Spiderman).  But then they brought him back (was it a bad dream?.. .and hallucination?...mass hypnosis?...), and I assumed thet Marvel had seen the error of their ways.
How wrong can one man actually be?
I learn today that Captain America, one of my childhood comicbook heroes (I followed them ALL) now thinks that Americans who disagree with extortionate "taxes" (to "bail out" thieves who haven't "lost" anything that they stole); who want to "Stop the Socialists"; are, "deranged" and "anti-government, survivalists" types.
Oh, yeah!  They're also "white supremacists".  'Course, that might be assumed anyway, MARVEL EXCLUDED BLACK PEOPLE from having any issues with government.
It's a shame on so many levels...
It's a shame they've turned Captain America into a fascist totalitarian.
It's a shame to teach children that disagreeing with government - especially corrupt government - is a sign of mental defect.
It's a shame that America could never expect to see a Captain America that stood up to fight modern-day enemies like the original fought NAZIs. 
And it's a shame that I have to say "It's been fun, Ironman! Farewell Fantastic Four!"
Because Marvel's not getting another fucking dime from me.  And that's in the real world.

"You won't believe the sweetheart deal that the Indymac boys (Goldfinger) were given by the FDIC (a subsidiary of Goldfinger's "insurance" division). Not only were they guaranteed they couldn't lose money, but the were pretty much guaranteed to make some huge bank courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer. And, Surprise!, they're a bunch of former Goldman Sachs (Goldfinger) execs."

Although this opening paragraph (delivered courtesy of Freedom'sPhoenix) ends with "Watch this video to see how it works," I haven't been able to get any link to the story, or even the site, to work.

What a (Goldfinger) coincidence...

08 February, 2010

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Marc Faber: If The U.S. Was A Corporation, Its Credit Rating Would Be Junk

The Patriot Act Is Up For Revote In Congress: An Overview of the Act’s Details and Social Impact, and What We Can Do

While I think it's a good article The Patriot Act Is Up For Revote In Congress: An Overview of the Act’s Details and Social Impact, and What We Can Do and I advise exploring the links, I have the same problem with this treatment of this anti-freedom...("legislation" is too good a word for it): the problem is its title, and the references to it.

It is NOT "the Patriot Act". As clearly pointed out, the "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism" (Act) has nothing - whatsoever - to to with patriots, patriotism, or anything even remotely approaching same. Calling it "the Patriot Act" only serves to accord this piece of ANTI-Constitution, ANTI-patriotism, ANTI-freedom filth more respect than it deserves.

And no one, I mean, NO ONE, ever makes any reference to the "USA" part. The "huddled masses", the "wretched refuse", know no better than to believe that the acronyms for "Uniting and Strengthening America" and "Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism" actually further American principles, while this is, and has been since its "enactment", "provides appropriate tools" to silence (and at time, incarcerate) voices of opposition.

The fondness of law-writers for acronyms should be clear to anyone, but especially the ACLU, which proclaims itself a champion of American principles.

Sadly, like nearly everyone else - and certainly everyone in the military-industrial-complex "press" - even the ACLU continues to refer to this as "the Patriot Act".

Washington's Blog : U.S. Counterterrorism Officials Insisted that Crotch Bomb...

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A timely follow-up to the Huff-Post article...(remember it's ALL about CONTROL; even "money")

Blog: Washington's Blog
Post: U.S. Counterterrorism Officials Insisted that Crotch Bomber Be Let Into Country

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Gene Kernan has shared a Huffington Post article with you:
Shadow Elite: The Spy Who Came in From... Wall Street?

They also included a personal note:
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04 February, 2010

Bernanke's Acceptance Speech

Lamenting mythical "fundamental obligations of transparency, responsiveness, and accountability" as "just some of the challenges" in his "acceptance speech",, Fed Chairman Ben (Goldfinger) Bernanke promised his co-conspirators that the Fed (Goldfinger) would "continue to work with the Congress to ensure maximum transparency of [Goldfinger], without compromising our ability to conduct policy."


Doesn't "continue" at least infer a "carrying-on" of something that has already occurred? (English teachers, I need some help here!)

Maximum transparency?

Let's see...Bernanke (Goldfinger) "doesn't know" where 550,000,000,000.00 went...AFTER he sent it to "foreign central banks"...(see my post of July 30, 09, "I'm Thinkin' I Found it")

The Fed's (Goldfinger's) "Inspector General" Elizabeth Coleman hasn't "looked at" who got a minimum of 2,200,000,000,000.00s (this referred to in the Goldfinger "press" as "2-point-2 trillion" - and ironically, they don't even "capitalize" it!). Some estimates of these "off-books bailouts" reach as high as 9,000,000,000,000.00 (

And a Fed (Goldfinger) "judge" denied a Freedom of Information Request put to the Federal Reserve saying he "did not want blood on his hands."

So much for David Reilly's (Bloomberg, er, Goldfinger) misrepresentation that the Fed (Goldfinger) is "subject to citizen intrusions such as freedom of information requests". (See my post of January 29).

Maximum transparency, indeed.

At least one commentator has suggested that "Ron Paul's Audit the Fed/End the Fed movement is having an impact on Bernanke."

I have no doubt that this is why Bernanke (Goldfinger) wants to "continue to work with the Congress to ensure maximum transparency...". Magic words, to pull off a magic trick (a great article on the science of magic can be found at

For some reason, I think "the Great Bernanke" (Goldfinger) is really focused on the "without compromising our ability" part.

01 February, 2010

"Libertarian" Disappointed Republicans "squandered a real opportunity to stand on principle"

Really? Did he REALLY say "the point to be made here is that Senate Republicans squandered a real opportunity to stand on principle." Republicans??? Principle?!?

Not that I think Demoncrats would. Or could. There's not a nanoparticle of difference between these two sides of this wooden nickel, and neither side spells the word that way. To them, and their bosses at Goldfinger, it's principal.

The only explanation I could discern was at the bottom of the article: the author "teaches internationally", and so has an "other than national" perspective.

If the New York Times Says It...

In "Visualizing The Abyss: An Itemized Representation Of The (Endless) U.S. Budget Deficit", Tyler Durden of republishes a "terrific chart out of the New York Times, demonstrating succinctly the endless abyss that the actual US budget is becoming...".

I like Durden, and his articles, and you can check this one out at

My observation is more directed at the fact that the New York Times actually published this "terrific chart", which I re-republish under authority of 17 U.S.C. §107. Get a better view at Zerohedge.

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