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30 July, 2009

I'm Thinkin' I Found It.

Last week, I made an issue of it when Goldfinger's Ben Bernanke testified in a Congressional Hearing that he didn't know where 553,000,000,000 in loans to foreign central banks went. (See "Who Got 553,000,000,000.00", below). What he did know, however, was that those loans weren't costing Americans anything:

This week, Neil Barofsky, the Special Inspector General for TARP, told Congressman Dennis Kucinich the Fed is paying banks NOT to make loans:

Keep in mind that at the beginning of last week, the Wall Street Journal headlined the story: "White House Taps Hormats for State Post", about a Goldfinger operative appointed as the State Department's undersecretary for economic, energy and agricultural affairs., published July 20.

The WSJ noted that "Mr. Hormats also will play a central role in managing Washington's "strategic and economic dialogue" with Beijing, a diplomatic exchange overseen by Mrs. Clinton and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner." It should be remembered that Geithner's Chief of Staff recently moved to that post after serving as GS' lobbyist, and that China is the U.S.government's largest creditor.

Let's see...Goldfinger Fed gets banks to "park" over 877,000,000,000.00 instead of making credit available to "main street"...Goldfinger Fed "loans" 553,000,000,000.00 "to foreign central banks" it won't name...Goldfinger operative becomes a China...

I'm thinkin' I found five hundred fifty-three TRILLION bucks. I wonder if there's a reward?

23 July, 2009

Obama Insists Trillion-Dollar Healthplan Necessary To REDUCE Budget Deficit

ExcUSE Me?

In an act of economic terrorism in the Goldfinger style, Barack Obama insists that the national recovery from Goldfinger's theft of America's wealth depends on funding his $1 trillion health plan. Only in the District of Criminals could spending 1,000,000,000,000 you don't have improve your budget.

Who Got 553,000,000,000.00?

Blogger’s Note: According to his official bio,, Bernanke was “a visiting scholar” at the Federal Reserve Banks of Philadelphia, Boston, and New York during the Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II administrations, at times when former chairman of the New York investment banking firm of Dillon, Read & Co. Inc., Nicholas F. Brady was SecTreas; and again during Robert Rubin’s tenure. A member of the Academic Advisory Panel at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York from mid-Bush I to mid-Bush II, Bernanke was Chairman of Bush II's Council of Economic Advisers, from June 2005 to becoming Fed Chair.

17 July, 2009

The End Is Near

No, not the end of the world (although I do, at times, resemble the cartoon guy with the sandwich board).

The end I'm talking about is that point where the illusion of a "free country" need no longer be maintained. I've spent at least a decade telling people that Goldfinger owns the government (mostly getting laughed at for it), and now Goldfinger doesn't even try to hide it anymore (Note that the monicker, "Goldfinger", is NOT limited to GS, but applies equally to purported "competitors", and those with whom relationships exist in/with other organizations, e.g., the Council on Foreign Relations).

Revelations, by other than "the tin-foil hat crowd", can mean only one of two things: either they're confident that Americans, in general, are too dumb, too lazy, or too cowardly to take whatever steps are necessary (which plays into the "or"); or, they're confident that since they own the government, and its military, no effective resistance can be mounted or maintained. Several items lead me to this conclusion:

First was a former Assistant Secretary of Treasury, asked by Max Keiser who the SecTreas works for, declaring "He works for Goldman-Sachs." For this to be stated so boldly (in the closing moments) by what can only be described as an insider is profound. (For only the question and answer, see my previous post "Seven Seconds of Truth".)

Next is Glenn Beck's description of Goldman-Sachs' ubiquitous presence and participation since the flash-paper mortgages went south. Although Beck doesn't (or isn't allowed to) get into GS' presence when the seeds of "the mortgage meltdown" (copyright unknown, but probable) were planted by GS' "Clinton Administration", or its fingerprints ALL OVER the intervening decade) the fact that Faux News is broadcasting Beck laying out how Goldfinger owns the government (albeit limited to Goldfinger's GS division), is scary, not so much for the "is" of it as for the public discussion of it in Goldfinger-controlled media.

The last two almost go hand-in hand. discusses misrepresentation of Roubini's "it'll last 24 months" statement as "it'll be over this year", (Roubini counters that the "recession" is in its 19th month, and things won't begin to get better until '10, and then only slightly), while details how some people (who may or may not have taken action upon the out-of-context Roubini quote, are actually just increasing their tribute payments to Goldfinger. A chuckle can be found in the article, where a victim threatens to get (Goldfinger-owned) regulators involved, and the response.

Unspoken in all of this, but hanging in the air, is a classic "mobster" question:

What Are YOU Gonna Do About It?

07 July, 2009

Make them stop! My sides hurt.

Tyler Durden, of Zero Hedge, writes in today's column about a complaint letter sent by "GOLD ANTI-TRUST ACTION COMMITTEE INC," to the SEC and CFTC about Goldfinger. It seems that a former Goldfinger employee obtained proprietary software, and was charged an Assistant United States Attorney - Joseph Facciponti - has Goldfinger tacitly admitting to manipulating markets (and apparently whining because someone else might).

I'm Awed, but not shocked.

The funny part? See the few previous posts on this blog. CFTC is now Chaired by Gary Gensler, formerly(?) of Goldfinger. SEC has Mary Schapiro at the helm (gotta throw a seafaring term in, y'know). Although I haven't found any direct Goldfinger connection for Mary, she was the first female SEC Chairman (Acting) when Rubin (of Goldfinger) was Clinton's Treasury Secretary.

I know nothing about GATA beyond a look at their website, but if they are who and what they say they are, they should know better than to go to the wolves' den about missing chickens.

Anarchists At Play

Not that I believe it for a second, but it's interesting to watch the magicians' assistants in CONgress play out their little soap opera on "auditing" Goldfinger's prime property, the "Federal" "Reserve". Now that "the other team (D)" "have the ball, so to speak, the "defense (R)" supposedly wants to "audit" the league.

As if THAT'S gonna happen.

Here's the video. This beats the comedy channel hands down.

06 July, 2009

Government IS Anarchy

As I read from a widget on my website ("On Gold and Market Manipulation"), I see this interchange between George Dance and Brad Spangler about Dance's article "Government or Anarchy", first published last year (and as Dance points out, that means A YEAR). The gist of what I get is that Spangler doesn't like Dance's "authorities". Oh, the irony!
What's interesting (to me, anyway) is that I read Spangler's blog - once - and find he's nowhere near my understanding of "little-L" libertarian (pun intended). Then again, I quit describing myself as such years ago, when a battle ensued over "which Libertarian Party" would control Arizona's...(it's REALLY HARD not to use this "L-word"). It was the "control" issue that got to me. Turns out "Libertarians" (as in "Party"..."LIARtarians?") are now not much different from the (D)emons and/or (R)eprobates. Neither Socialist/fascist nor Fascist/Socialist goals are made more palatable by the fact that "a kinder, gentler" Party is supporting them. The infiltration was a success, as clearly illustrated by Bob Barr's "Big 'L'" candidacy.
But the infiltation of libertarianism was inevitable, given the infiltration of (what used to be) our government.
We won't find our way out of this until and unless we learn to accept the fact that there is no current choice between government and anarchy. Government, a majority-, if not wholly-owned subsidiary of Goldfinger, IS anarchy. At least by any definition I've ever heard.

They have TOTAL disregard for the Constitution, which, despite being "over 200 years old..." (sniff*, whimper, snivel) is THE ONLY SOURCE OF AUTHORITY THEY CAN CLAIM.
They have TOTAL disregard for their own "laws", and they have such TOTAL disregard for any of "us" (those that aren't "them"), that they don't even bother to pretend anymore. If any of "them" get caught up in the consequences of their actions they'll just order a pardon, or a "bailout" (Libby taking the fall for Cheney; Goldfinger's Paulson "bailing out" Goldfinger, etc.).

The anarchists aren't among us. The anarchists have taken over.

03 July, 2009

And so it goes...followup

Although I'm not a "follower", preferring to blaze my own trails, I'm now following Zero Hedge. This is due completely to Tyler Durden's coverage of a marvelous Mike Taibbi article on Goldfinger in the July 9-23 Rolling Stone: Being time-limited to tongue-in-cheek references myself, I really appreciate the work of one who can dig as deep as Taibbi has.

I'm nearly as encouraged by the followup comments, but for one. One commenter asks: "What the hell has Obama got to do with this article on Goldman Sachs plundering the US once more?"

My previous posts should answer that. Goldfinger ran Treasury when the fuse was lit. Goldfinger ran Treasury at the point of critical mass. And Obama has joined the plunder, with Goldfinger still running Treasury's printing presses, and now controlling specie through the CFTC.

02 July, 2009

And so it goes...

"Gary Gensler was sworn in as the Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission on May 26, 2009." So begins the CFTC's Press Release extolling the virtues of Barack Obama's choice as chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. "He is a summa cum laude graduate from Wharton...Bachelor of Science in Economics...Master of Business Administration...".

And yes, this is the same Gary Gensler who was "Assistant Secretary of Financial Markets" from 1997-1999, under Goldfinger's Secretary of Treasury, Robert Rubin. The same Gary Gensler who fought, as Under Secretary of Domestic Finance (1999-2001, under Goldfinger-owned Larry Summers), to exempt from regulation the credit default swaps that later brought (Goldfinger's) AIG to its knees. The same Gary Gensler who, in between, was a Senior Advisor to Paul Sarbanes, Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, and co-author of Sarbanes-Oxley, "reforming corporate responsibility, accounting and securities laws" after Enron.

Just the kind of guy Goldfinger needs to control commodities, and over $5 trillion in trades in their "futures".

At least commodities have futures. With Goldfinger "up 125% since Obama..." replaced Goldfinger's Paulson with Goldfinger's (NYFed) Geithner at Treasury, Goldfinger's Gensler will make sure Goldfinger does; it's not so certain that we, as Americans, do.