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13 January, 2012

Lieberman's Bill to Kick Off Internment Camps -- Puppet Masters --

I was going to thank Joe Quinn for actually scribing "USA PATRIOT Act" correctly. It's particularly irritating to see those who anoint themselves "patriot", but either don't know, or deliberately misrepresent this attack - yes, ATTACK - on fundamental American principles. Lieberman's Bill to Kick Off Internment Camps -- Puppet Masters --

I've often chided people when they say or write "Patriot Act", or even "USA Patriot Act". The level of ignorance that allows anyone to believe, even for a moment, that either of these mis-citations of the most Anti-American act of its time accurately describes this most-unpatriotic, ready-made act of treason boggles the mind. No patriotism exists, or was even contemplated, in "USA PATRIOT Act".

Quinn goes one better in laying out exactly how the Repugnants and Demonics came up with "USA PATRIOT Act":

"...the act's authors went to ridiculous lengths to make sure that the name of the act spelled out 'USA Patriot'. The name is a ten-letter acronym that stands for 'Uniting (and) Strengthening America (by) Providing Appropriate Tools Required (to) Intercept (and) Obstruct Terrorism'. 'Appropriate tools required'? Surely tools that are required are by definition appropriate? And how do you 'intercept terrorism'? And is merely 'obstructing terrorism' really enough? Aren't we meant to be defeating it, or at least smoking it out of its cave and rat and spider holes, disheveled beard and all."
Read Quinn's article. It's long, and might require some backtracking (your mind will rebel over what it's reading), but the FREEDOM of current and future generations depends, in part, on the knowlwdge Quinn imparts.

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