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08 November, 2010

"Ringleader": How Ironically Appropriate

A federal class action lawsuit has been filed accusing Ringleader Digital, a Delaware-based advertising company "hacked the mobile phones of millions of consumers" to create a database of customers' demographic information for the benefit of co-defendant major media networks AccuWeather, CNN, ESPN, FOX News, Go2 Media, Merriam-Webster, Travel Channel, and WhitePages.

According to the lawsuit, Ringleader "stamped" a "Unique Device Identifier" into customers' cell phones, compatible with iPhone, iPad, iTouch and PDAs and other devices, for the purpose of "Utilizing the advances in GPS technology, (so that) marketers can now determine the precise location of mobile users - within three feet."

Well, isn't this convenient. Now, "authorities" needn't concern themselves with the need for a warrant to "GPS-track" someone's car - for a month - or to obtain cell-phone records from the carrier. "Ringleader"'s corporate records, and/or those of Goldfinger operations CNN, ESPN, FOX News (and, no doubt, others) can be merely "requested"; all in the name of "security", of course.

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