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08 November, 2010

Goldfinger-CISCO's "Tele-presence"

"Banks spying on your bills, rent payments, paychecks: report", discusses the demise of the "plain old credit score" in favor of "ever more intrusive efforts by banks and credit agencies to gauge exactly what you're worth, and what you can pay."

Apparently, there are an estimated 40,000,000 people who have avoided falling into Goldfinger's many traps, and "have too little credit experience to generate a useful credit score", can still be "tracked" through rental-payment data and utility bills. AND...
"Raw Story reported this week on SocialMiner, a new software application from Cisco Systems that allows businesses to monitor social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The software has raised concerns over the prospect of employers spying on the personal lives of their employees."

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