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18 February, 2010

"Payback is _____ "(fill in the blank)

"...a bitch"? "...karma"? How about "...inevitable"?

Karl Denninger comments on his blog ( about this morning's event in Texas, copying what he later describes as the pilot's "homicide note", and with a link to the pilot's website, "whois" data, etc. I'm not going to identify the pilot because - more dangerous than those who will villify him as a criminal maniac are those who will lionize him as a martyr; more dangerous, and incredibly stupid. Paraphrasing my Drill Instructor (from a long, LONG time ago), "Nobody ever dying for (their cause). They won by making the other poor bastard die for his...".

That said, Denninger's observations about lying media whores (he apparently holds the same opinion as Jesse Ventura, and anyone else with a brain cell left), his own warnings about thieving (Goldfinger) politicians doing nothing but helping thieving (Goldfinger) bankers, and his "shout" to "STOP THE LOOTING AND START PROSECUTING!" are wotrthy of support.

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