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10 February, 2010

First they killed him (but then decided to bring him back, sort of) Now, they've turned him into what he was "born" to fight.

When I learned, a few years ago, that even Marvel Comics' imaginary world of superheroes had a United States that called masked superheroes terrorists, and "passed a law" that secret identities were illegal, I was irritated.  That Spiderman (off of...whom(?)...which(?)) Marvel had garnered many "dollars" in movie and merchandising rights) "actually" (remember, this is an imaginary world - hence "Spiderman") SUPPORTED such dangerous drivel (in that imaginary world where many too young to grasp the meaning of Rights, Freedom and Privacy).
I was damn well pissed when I found out that Marvel "killed off" Captain America (who, of course, in that imaginary world, rightly opposed the Anti-American Spiderman).  But then they brought him back (was it a bad dream?.. .and hallucination?...mass hypnosis?...), and I assumed thet Marvel had seen the error of their ways.
How wrong can one man actually be?
I learn today that Captain America, one of my childhood comicbook heroes (I followed them ALL) now thinks that Americans who disagree with extortionate "taxes" (to "bail out" thieves who haven't "lost" anything that they stole); who want to "Stop the Socialists"; are, "deranged" and "anti-government, survivalists" types.
Oh, yeah!  They're also "white supremacists".  'Course, that might be assumed anyway, MARVEL EXCLUDED BLACK PEOPLE from having any issues with government.
It's a shame on so many levels...
It's a shame they've turned Captain America into a fascist totalitarian.
It's a shame to teach children that disagreeing with government - especially corrupt government - is a sign of mental defect.
It's a shame that America could never expect to see a Captain America that stood up to fight modern-day enemies like the original fought NAZIs. 
And it's a shame that I have to say "It's been fun, Ironman! Farewell Fantastic Four!"
Because Marvel's not getting another fucking dime from me.  And that's in the real world.

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