Shadow Government "Money" Supply Growth from ShadowStats

Chart of U.S. Money Supply Growth

21 November, 2012


It means, acording to Ann Curry (formerly of "Today"), "Never, ever, ever, ever give up, even when, especially when, there's no chance of winning".

Citizens, homeowners, who had the valor if not the vocabulary, have refused to give up on their homes, their investments, and their pensions.  And because they have never, ever, ever, ever given up, because kept up the pressure on their servants to investigate and prosecute the bankers that think they own them, at least someone is going to jail.

It's small comfort to those who already lost their homes to felonious "mortgage lenders", but to those who have carried on, even when, especially when, there was no chance of winning, the truth is trickling out, and the pressure will breach the dam.

And now that the dam is being chipped at from the other side,, the apparently insurmountable odds are changing.  Facing victim/homeowners on one side, and victim/investors on the other, the banksters' days are numbered. 

OPM-addict/politicians beware.  Media whores take note:

We, the People, are coming.

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