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20 August, 2011

Another Goldfinger Infiltration

Reading yesterday (thanx, Denninger) that (R)epugnant California "representative"(?) Darrel Issa hired a Goldfinger infiltrator (in this instance, a "former" vice president of Goldman Sachs' commodity compliance group) to work for him on the House Oversight Committee, I wasn't really surprised. Goldfinger infiltrated the Executive Department a long time ago, putting its people (I think they're technically still people) in Treasury, and State, and having them run the Commodities Futures Trading Corporation, and the S.E.C.

I wasn't even surprised to find out that the same Goldfingerer left the S.E.C. Office of Enforcement in 2005 to work for Goldman Sachs (Goldfinger), lobbying his former colleagues on Goldfinger's behalf.

It's also not surprising that he went to work(?) as an economist at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, putting his law degree to good use (any guesses what law school he graduated from?). Who doesn't know that Goldfinger lawyers make the best economists?

No, none of that is surprising. The only surprising thing is that this Goldfingerer actually changed his name. Peter Simonyi took on his mother’s maiden name shortly after leaving Goldman Sachs in 2008, and became Peter Haller.

Now, he's "helping" work on stopping regulations on Goldfinger.

And you're not gonna do a f**king thing about it, are you?

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