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09 April, 2011

Damage Control

They can't hide it anymore. Too many instances, in too many places, too... "public". What to do?
Damage control. Put it right there in front of everybody: Put it on 60 Minutes. If you haven't seen;photovideo, it's worth the 14+ minutes.

Essentially, what I've been saying for nearly 8 years (and yes, I'm not the only one), e.g., that foreclosing banks are thieves; that they don't own the Note that their(?) mortgage supposedly secures; that they have no right to "foreclose"; has now been "exposed" by Scott Pelley.

Oh, sure, Courts (especially bankruptcy courts) have, over the last couple of years, have thrown out foreclosures and mortgages for just such reasons, but those were proclaimed (by the thieving class) as occasional mistakes. Besides, the "foreclosees" (victims) are just deadbeats, trying to get something for nothing, right?

But as of of April 3, 2011, everyone should be aware.

Of course, the subliminal message behind 60 Minutes' "exposé was "(psst!) You can settle with your bank...". You know, the bank that doesn't own your note; that has no standing to "foreclose" on you in the first place.

DON'T FALL FOR IT! You CAN challenge them. You CAN make them prove they own, AND HOLD, your note. You CAN make them prove standing.

DO IT! For your children.
For your country.

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