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22 April, 2010

"IL DUCE" Would Be Proud

In as fine an example of telling us what we already know, as I've ever seen, National Public Radio "spins" the recent Pew polls (done in March, repeated in April - no doubt seeking higher numbers) at rpms far in excess of the fastest computer hard drive.

Noting that "the Pew poll shows a comparable level of dislike toward banks and financial institutions (22 percent positive, 69 percent negative). Large corporations do only slightly better (25 percent positive, 64 percent negative), a ratio that almost exactly matches the public scoring of the overall federal government (25 percent positive, 65 percent negative)."

No kidding. Pew's polls at least suggest that "the public" (defined by a federal court as "that vast multitude that includes the ignorant, the unthinking, and the credulous...") is coming to grips with the fact that "banks and financial institutions...[and]...[l]arge corporations" ARE the government, even if they can't quite yet admit it to themselves.

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